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I'm  Steve Zekic. I'm a personal trainer and functional patterns practitioner operating out of Penrith. I use the Functional Patterns system to assist my clients in helping them move better, obtain correct posture, gain fitness and strength and stay pain free.

I do this by training the body as a system, with revolutionary training techniques that put the body in the right position to thrive.

1. First step is to book in for an initial consult or phone call. This will get things moving in a direction closer to PAIN FREE living.

In the initial consult, we will conduct a lifestyle, posture, gait and movement assessment. We will discover the  corrective measures needed to build a stronger and efficient frame with which the body can operate. From that, I can assist in forming a suitable plan to move forward, based on your goals and needs.

2. Second step is to start implementing that plan with corrective exercises, myofascial release, lifestyle recommendations and training consistency. This will assist in maintaining good posture.

3. Third step is to use that posture and corrected frame into movement patterns training that will assist walking and other daily activities.

4. Fourth step is to integrate movement, posture and running gait into more ballistic and multi plane movement systems. This is to basically FUTURE- PROOF the biggest asset that you have.... YOUR BODY.

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