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Functional Patterns HBF Practitioner
Certificate 3 Fitness
Certificate 4 Personal training
Nutrition Coach
Kettlebell Trainer
Punchfit Trainer
Insured and Qualified Professional

Senior First Aid

Hi, I'm Steve Zekic. I am a Personal Trainer and Functional Patterns Practitioner operating my own business in the Penrith area. I train my clients out of my PT Studio in Penrith, at Zoo Fitness Penrith and I also work at Functional Patterns Sydney. I have been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for 15 years. Prior to that I was into; soccer, rock climbing, rugby league, AFL, running, mountain bike riding, and martial arts.

Starting out working in gyms in the local Penrith area. I first started in the chek practitioner system while immersing myself heavily in the crossfit realm. I trained in those systems for over 10 years and so did my clients. I soon found myself starting my own crossfit gym in Penrith; nepean crossfit. I owned that for 5 years until I sold it. I learned a lot, made loads of friends and trained a lot of men, women, kids and teens. Our gym also sent athletes to the crossfit games.

After selling nepean crossfit, I took a year off and came back into the fitness industry and that's when I found FUNCTIONAL PATTERNS. I started training with Sebastin Coello from FUNCTIONAL PATTERNS Sydney gym and that is when I started to see the benefit of this style of training. Seb taught me what I need to know to adopt this style of training for myself and for the clients that I train.

I now have an awareness and connection to my body and mind that I never thought possible. Having the ability to future-proof my body and movement patterns is priceless.

I plan to keep studying and progressing with the FUNCTIONAL PATTERNS way, in Penrith as I see this as the industry standard and the best way for me to train my clients and myself.



FUNCTIONAL PATTERNS is the industry leading method for improving movement in and out of the gym. As an FP Practitioner, I will guide you on how to take care of your body.
This is like no other training style... Training in the Functional Patterns system is exactly how the human being organism was meant to be trained.

Being a Bipedal mover across a flat plane, means we should train in a specific way. This is the basic principal we operate from when training our clients at the gym.

There are countless definitions of what fitness is, but functional has only one meaning; we define 'functional' on the shared functions that anthropologists say define our human species 
from every other animal on planet earth: The FP First Four — Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing. These are the main movements that we focus on improving with our clients, when I train them in the gym or the personal training studio in Penrith. This will ensure that you progress the basics of movement essential for survival.

These respect the human movement principal around contra-lateral reciprocation of the arms and legs. This is essential for how the human body gets around as it's main mode of transport. When these are used instead of what everyone else is doing in the gym these days, there will be a definite and almost immediate change on how we look, feel and thrive.

With countless hours of testing and thousands of proven results in gyms and fp facilities, the program delivered and adopted by fp practitioners and clients has proven that it can be done by many and is the industry leader. So no matter what your body type, ability or level of training history, you can benefit from this system of training.

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