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Results with my FP Prac.
Proud of  Steve zekic and his consistency over the last year. Seeing his evolution not just visually but also in his movement (will showcase soon) doesn't surprise me one bit. His discipline to put the work in daily (despite the pain he may have felt at the time) is what allowed him to get a hold of his issues. At 42 he's only getting started.

➡️ 41 years old. Chronic back, rib, ankle pain while walking/running. Poor digestion. Overweight.

➡️ 42 years old. Able to walk and run without pain, lost bodyfat while maintaining and gaining muscle. Limited digestive issues.

Testimonial 👇

▪️ "I've been training with Seb now for a little over a year. When I started with him, I was in chronic pain. I had neck pain, lower back pain, rib pain, ankle pain, my hip popped in and out and gave me referral pain down my leg... especially when I drove long distances or ran. I periodically have shoulder pain too when I trained too much.

I came from a crossfit background. Being a crossfit coach for over 10 years and owning my own crossfit gym, I wanted to explore other methodologies of training to see what they could offer and found FP.

Since doing FP, I now have a better understanding of how my body operates at a biomechanical level and can train most days of the week, pain free. 

I am now a human foundations practitioner and have adopted this style of training for training my clients also. Seeing them get out of pain adds fuel to my purpose in life and watching them flourish is great. 

"When we don't have to worry anymore if we can do a certain activity or not and if its going to flare that pain up again.... This is such a precious thing to have"

Thanks Seb, @fp_sydney and @functionalpatterns as a whole for helping me get to where I am today. I know my body and mind is not at its full potential just yet, but I know in my bones that my coach and the FP system can help me get there. 


Luke Burgman

13th July 22-
24th November 22

I've know Luke for some time now. He used to train at a gym I used to work out of. When I bumped into him @zoofitness , he mentioned that nothing was helping and he was at the end of line of what could make him feel better. He had constant issues with his lower back, sore feet, broken ankle at the tibia ankle joint and the surgeon rode him off after surgery saying "any further type of surgeries won't help".

Another thing he said to me was that he dreaded training, as the conventional way he was used to would bring on more pain.

Luke has experienced some major changes in a little over 4 months since training with me... like;

The ability to put socks on standing up, more mobility and flexibilty, massive decrease in low back pain, strength/range of motion increase in ankle, massive reduction in pain, being on feet for work as he always had sore feet has been reduced by 50%.

❌️ Compressed lower back with constant pain
❌️ Pain in ankle with limited ROM due to break and post surgery
❌️ Kyphotic posture
❌️ Depressed shoulders especially R shoulder

✅️ 50% reduction in pain with a more decompressed low back
✅️ Huge change in ankle ROM, pain and overall ankle posture
✅️ Less kyphosis and better neck position. The dropped chest came along for the ride too!
✅️ Better shoulder position on both.

Luke trains primarily with #functionalpatterns methodology. He trains with me twice a week, then does mfr and repeats our workouts in other training sessions in the gym. He eats well, gets enough sun, sleep and water. His progress will only continue to get better as he is on a path that gets him results that work. Let's go!!!


Started 1st June 2022 - 11th April 2023

Kirby came to me after hearing about #functionalpatterns from his sister. His sister was getting results from an fp prac @fp_sydney

Kirby was experiencing chronic lower back pain for years. The pain never went away, even though he tried many approaches.

His pain has been reduced up to 80% and is now able to live a happier life. He trains with me twice a week and does #mfr  and training at the gym on the other days.

I am proud of him for cleaning up his diet too. He now eats minimal grains, low alcohol and counts his macros.

❌️ Chronic low back pain from disc bulge pushing on nerve
❌️ Anterior pelvic shift
❌️ Forward neck poke
❌️ Distended abdomen

✅️ 80% reduction in pain
✅️ Pelvis is now stacked in line with the spine, instead of being pushed forward.
✅️ Forward neck poke has been greatly reduced
✅️ Abdomen doesn't distend as much and can assist with the decompression of his spine, which will assist with his disc bulge.

I love working with Kirby. He is diligent, focused and questions how things work. All are characteristics that are essential to unravelling the puzzle that we get ourselves into.

While our work here is not done, it's super cool to highlight our client's results to congratulate them, but also to show others what's possible in a short period of time.

Results Erin Madsen

20 years old
Started at age 19

Erin has been training with me for 6 months. She started training with me because there was a need to train with purpose and have some accountability. She was also after a routine and some advice on how to train and do it properly and safely.

Erin had a little bit of low back pain, some aches and pain from bad posture but nothing major.

Erin trusted me to guide her to get better, yet there was a non-traditional approach to the functional patterns method that I used, which sparked up a bit of conflict within her. This was based on what she thought was the "right" way to train in the gym. What soon followed was the beginning to understand that the functional patterns approach to training is manageable and tailored to the individual. It helped her progress in a slow manner to help build body and mind.

"Seeing the progress pics, I feel more confident in my ability. I can do more and I move way better now. I am fitter and very active. I can do more high intensity training with less fatigue. My job role is quite physical and I feel more confident and I am able to manage active recovery and be consistent with my training. I look good and feel good."

Steph Paragalii 1 year results

40 kg weight loss
Ability to run pain free
No more PCOS
Body fat reduction by 20%
Better moods


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