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Nathan Chalker

Steve is a fantastic functional trainer. Every session is a blast and I learn something new every time. I’ve seen he can cater to all kinds of people from all walks of life. Could not recommend his services more highly.

Leon Manuel

Steve’s knowledge, insight and awareness of the mechanics of the human body and it’s optimal configuration for you to reach your physical goals is rare and very unconventional in a world indoctrinated by the same and rather mislead methodologies. I learnt a lot and noticed significant changes in my movement and performance after the 10 or so weeks we worked together. Not only did I find a life long PT/coach but a genuine friend who will hold you accountable and get the best out of you. Book him in right away and you won’t be disappointed.

Silas Peacock

Stephen has been so helpful in posture work and muscle coordination. As a construction worker he has helped me perform exercises that assist in my work life, and is very encouraging and friendly.

Joanne Buchanan


I started with Steve 10 months ago. I was expecting 'traditional' PT sessions, fast paced, out of breath and exhausted. What Steve taught me was that moving slowly with determination or even just holding one functionally correct position is hard work. There were lots of trembling muscles at the start. Now that I'm stronger and I can hold positions much longer, we have progressed to combinations of positions. Everything about my movement has improved. The way I stand taller, breathe deeper, balance better, and I randomly catch myself holding my abs in. Who knew that would ever happen. I'm so glad that I started with Steve. The way I feel about my body and even my outlook on life has improved beyond belief. I'm stronger that I believed... I don't say it enough - Thank You Steve..

Emma Joseph

Steve uses his functional approach to Personal Training to better bodies to live longer and better lives. Despite having an injury of which requires surgery, he has been able to tailor my training to suit. He is professional, reliable and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Paragalli

Steve has been the most supportive trainer. My weight-loss results have been amazing but he has always supported me in helping me to learn how to properly care for my body, move well and rethink my relationship with food… which to me has been so much more powerful in building my confidence and shaping my attitude towards nutrition as a lifestyle.

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