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Functional PT & Stephen Zekic Memberships Terms and Conditions


By purchasing a membership or start training with Functional PT or Stephen Zekic, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions below:


  1. Weekly membership direct debit sessions must be completed within that week. If 24 hours notice is given, the sessions can be rescheduled for that fortnight only. If it is the trainers fault for rescheduling, they too have the fortnight to fit it in, or the funds will be refunded.

  2. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If, for whatever reason, you cancel your session before the 24-hour cut off period, you forfeit your session which is charged at 100% of the session fee. Unless you provide a doctor's certificate or extreme circumstances.

  3. Zoom sessions are an option if time is an issue and will be encouraged as an alternative to in person sessions if needed.

  4. Clients can pause their membership for a maximum of 4 weeks a year. I endeavor to get results for all my clients. I need to know my clients will remain consistent with accountability throughout the year. 

  5. Prices are 

         $100 an hour for 1 on 1

         $150 an hour for 2 on 1

         $195 for 2 sessions a week - 1hr -  1 on 1

         $285 for 3 sessions a week - 1 hr - 1 on 1

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